The Valley Town

I’ve teamed up with AutoShare this summer to #discoverON. I’m taking six road trips with their cars and sharing my experiences online. Follow #discoverON along onTwitter and Instagram. In my fourth adventure, I grab my friend L and we head west to hunt waterfalls.

Ever hear the song “The Valley Town” by Elliott BROOD? One of my favourite songs from the band. The song is about Dundas, ON aka The Valley Town. I’ve been told by several people (not all natives of the Dundas/Ancaster/Hamilton areas) that this side of the GTA provides a tonne of sights to be seen. Specifically, the largest concentration of waterfalls in the world.

Webster's Falls

Webster’s Falls (above), probably the most famous of the waterfalls in the area is absolutely gorgeous. There’s a path that will lead you to the bottom of the waterfall, some great shots to be had there. Unfortunately, our visit was a little early in the season and the path was still closed. Which really just means that we’ll have to make another visit before the summer is through.

A short 20 minute walk along the Bruce Trail brings you to another stunner, Tews Falls. Note that parking in the park will cost you about $10 for the day. The walk to Tews Falls is an easy one with proper steps and an easy dirt path.

There are some great farmers markets in the area, as well. We stopped by Dyment’s Farm and The Dutch Mill for some local treats, mostly asparagus related… because I am obsessed with asparagus. Come to think of it, I’ve got a fresh bunch I picked up from another farm yesterday morning – DINNER.

A few other members of the #discoverON team made their way to the falls in the Hamilton area, check out their ‘grams here.


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